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          Industry applications

          Aircraft propeller model three-dimensional scanning

          Aircraft propeller model three-dimensional scanning case

          Factors such as diameter, number of blades, firmness, blade angle, pitch, etc. should be considered during the design process. Due to the long design time, the company hopes to use 3D scanners to scan 3D data of aircraft propellers and reverse design to speed up work efficiency.

          Practical problems

          1. The traditional design cycle is long and cannot meet the needs of toy aircraft design companies. Using the traditional measurement method, only part of the data of the aircraft propeller model can be obtained. It is impossible to accurately measure the irregular curved surface parts, resulting in incomplete data acquisition and the design of the aircraft propeller model.

          Hualang solutions

          In response to the problems faced by the customer, Hualang 3D technical engineer proposed a solution: using the 3D scanner HL-3DS to quickly acquire the 3D data of the propeller model, and the reverse design software Geomagic Studio converted the propeller model point cloud data into triangular mesh surface data. Combined with the reverse design software, the design is modified directly on the 3D digital model according to customer requirements, and the secondary design of the propeller model is accelerated.


          Aircraft propeller model physical map



          Aircraft propeller model scan



          Aircraft propeller model three-dimensional data



          Aircraft propeller model STL data



          Aircraft propeller model scan

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