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          Industry applications

          Air propeller 3D scanning

          Air propeller 3D scanning case

          A customer needs to obtain a high-precision 3D model of the air propeller. Hualang engineers use the HL-3DS to obtain the 3D data of the air propeller quickly and accurately, and draw a 1:1 3D model in the reverse design software UG.

          Practical problems

          1. The blade curvature of the aircraft propeller varies greatly, and the traditional measurement method cannot meet the measurement requirements.

          2. The hub in the middle of the aircraft propeller is a precision component that connects the engine shaft to the blade. The customer has very high requirements for data accuracy.

          Hualang solutions

          Aircraft blade real shot map



          Blade scanning scene


          Blade 3D data


          An aircraft propeller is a device that converts the rotational power of the engine into propulsion or lift by rotating the blade in the air. Its quality will determine the safety of the entire aircraft. Therefore, customers want to use the more popular industrial measuring equipment - 3D scanner. It is a non-contact optical measuring device with fast scanning speed, high measurement accuracy and wide data application. After observing the propeller, Hualang engineers decided to use the multi-function 3D scanner HL-3DS.

                 Since the blade of the object is black and the hub is easily reflective, a developer is required to be sprayed before scanning.
                 Scanning a solid object requires multi-angle shooting. In order to facilitate the automatic stitching of the software, it is also necessary to attach a sparse marker to the propeller.


          Slurry body map



          Three-dimensional data of the hub

          Scanning process:
                HL-3DS is a multi-functional 3D scanner independently developed by Hualang technical team. It uses 13-step code calibration technology to eliminate lens distortion error. The extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift grating technique uniformly spreads the fringes and reduces noise. It has the characteristics of high scanning precision, fast scanning speed and convenient carrying.
                The scanning software independently developed by Hualang 3D is easy to operate and has high stability. The scanning process is simple and easy. It takes only 30 minutes to get a 1:1 high-precision 3D point cloud data, which can be imported into post-processing software and can be converted into STL data of triangulation structure. It can also be imported into UG, Pro/E, etc. Mainstream software.


          Hualang engineers are using UG drawing



          Aircraft propeller UG drawings

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