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          Industry applications

          Aircraft tail 3D scanning

          Aircraft tail three-dimensional scanning case

          The aircraft tail is part of the automotive aerodynamic package. The main function of the tail is to reduce the lift of the tail of the vehicle. If the lift of the tail is larger than the lift of the front, it will easily lead to excessive steering of the vehicle, reduced grip on the rear wheel and poor high-speed stability.

          Practical problems

          1. For the hole position on the tail of the aircraft, the traditional processing method is to use the drawings to determine the direct drilling, which will cause the rivet hole position to shift, resulting in serious problems such as product scrapping.

          2. The traditional measuring equipment has insufficient data and low efficiency in obtaining the tail of the aircraft, and it is unable to obtain the curvature and size on the tail of the aircraft.

          Hualang solutions

          The aircraft tail is one of the important components of the aircraft. The quality control of the aircraft's tail is very important. The advanced design concepts and ideas are crucial for the subsequent aircraft's tail. By optimizing the design, the advantages of the aircraft's tail can be better utilized. Better structural and economic benefits. Hualang 3D technical engineer quickly acquired high-precision 3D data of the aircraft's tail through the industrial 3D scanner HL-3DS, and introduced the 3D data of the aircraft's tail into the 3D reverse software (Geomagic) for secondary design, successfully optimizing the production plan of the aircraft's tail.

          Scanning equipment:

          3D scanner HL-3DS


          1. 13-step code calibration technology: eliminate lens error

          2. Extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift: uniform fringe projection

          3. compatible photogrammetry system: higher precision

          4. granite calibration source

          5. patent design: eliminate the problem of multi-angle scanning stitching
          6. the cumulative scanning accuracy is very high, a single machine can complete the workpiece scanning about 4m

          7. multi-mode scanning, easy to adjust


          Aircraft tail wing physical map



          Aircraft tail 3D scanning



          Aircraft tail scanning point cloud map



          Aircraft tail scanning STL diagram

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