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          Industry applications

          Drone 3D scanning

          Drone 3D scanning case

          The customer uses our 3D scanner to effectively complete the effective data analysis before and after the UAV experiment. The customer is very satisfied and purchases our equipment to provide effective data support for the later experiments.

          Practical problems

          The accuracy of UAV aerodynamics scanning is very high. The UAV mold has large arc surface and many curved surfaces. It is difficult to use traditional measurement methods. It is impossible to obtain 3D data and 3D model reconstruction before and after UAV experiments quickly and accurately. , unable to complete the experimental test.

          Drone rendering

          Hualang solutions

          In response to the problems faced by the customer, Hualang technical engineer proposed the solution: using the handheld 3D scanner HOLON760 to acquire the 3D data of the drone, and the drone researchers compared the 3D data before and after the scan for the subsequent UAV flow field. Numerical design, model wind tunnel test, outer plate mold, etc. for secondary design and product improvement.

          Scanning equipment: Handheld 3D scanner HOLON760


              1. ultra-portable, the body weight is only 0.87kg;

              2. the accuracy is up to 0.020mm, the resolution is up to 0.050mm;

              3. Adapt to the measurement tasks of various complex environments such as indoors and outdoors;

              4. high-speed scanning: 14 laser lines plus an additional 1 bundle, 480,000 measurements / sec;

              5. the measurement space is large, the stability is good, and the single machine can complete the measurement of the oversized workpiece;

              6. almost unlimited 3D scanning, not affected by object size, material, color, etc.;

          UAV scanning scene map


          UAV reverse data map


          UAV reverse data map


          UAV reverse data map

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