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          Industry applications

          Reverse design of automobile

          Reverse vehicle design case

          The 3D photogrammetry system HL-3DP is used to take pictures of the car body and automatically generate a high-precision 3D coordinate system. Then use the 3D scanner HL-3DW to perform fast 3D scanning on the whole vehicle to obtain high-density 3D point cloud data of the whole vehicle.

          Practical problems

          1. It is necessary to carry out rapid three-dimensional measurement of the whole vehicle and obtain a three-dimensional digital model. However, the surface of the whole vehicle is many and complicated, and the global measurement accuracy is required to be controlled within 0.1 mm.

          2. For the measurement efficiency proposed by the Automotive Engineering Research Institute, the traditional gantry-type CMM is not only expensive, but also time-consuming to measure. Such measurement methods are obviously not acceptable to customers.

          Hualang solutions

          In response to the problems faced by customers, Hualang 3D engineers used the solution: 3D photometric system HL-3DP+3D scanner HL-3DW to obtain 3D data of the car body and carry out the secondary design of the car body.

          1. Preparation in the early stage:

          Spraying the developer: Improve the background color contrast of the sample surface for better scan data.

          Marking points: The acquired data is positioned and stitched in the scanning software.

          Paste code point: Make 3D photogrammetry system obtain 3D coordinate value of object surface.

          2. 3D photogrammetry:

          Get the 3D coordinates of the body surface. In addition to the streamlined body design, the body design must also take into account the smooth air flow of the chassis. The scanned car is 5.0m wide and 2.5m long. Hualang engineers first use the 3D photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) to capture multiple images of the car body. Through 3D ranging, HOLON3DP software automatically combines these images to calculate After that, the 3D coordinates of the center of each code point can be obtained, and the 3D coordinate value of the key information points on the surface of the object can be calculated.


          3D photogrammetry system photo scene

          3. 3D scanning:

          The 3D coordinate data of the body surface is imported into the HOLON3DS scanning system, and the 3D data of the racing body is quickly obtained using the 3D scanner HL-3DW. The 3D scanner features an ultra-large scanning format, a portable design, extremely fast scanning speed, high precision and high stability. The 3D photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) and the 3D scanner (HL-3DW) can be used to correct the point cloud information of the large-area surface, greatly improving the overall point cloud stitching accuracy of the 3D scanner and improving work efficiency. It took only one and a half hours to get the body data with an accuracy of 0.15mm. Compared with other three-dimensional measurement methods, Hualang 3D solution can effectively reduce the measurement time (only 1/3 or less time can be completed under the same conditions compared with general laser measurement), greatly improving Work efficiency, reduce costs, and higher data quality. In addition, the use of the two devices is not limited by volume and space, and can be moved at any time during measurement, so that the combined application not only guarantees the complete quality of the project, but also saves the customer a lot of time and labor costs.


          Car body point cloud data



          Car body point cloud data



          Car body STL data

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