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          Industry applications

          Motor car cockpit scanning

          Motor car cockpit scanning case

          The design results of the motor cab will have an important impact on the overall EMU. Therefore, designing and manufacturing the EMU cab with smooth surface, beautiful appearance and aerodynamic requirements has become the focus of designers.

          Practical problems

          The scanning requirements of the cockpit of the motor car are very high, the arc is large, and the curved surface is many. It is difficult to adopt the traditional measuring method, and the 3D model data of the cockpit of the motor car cannot be obtained quickly and accurately.

          Hualang solutions

          In response to the problems faced by the customer, Hualang technical engineer proposed to use the solution: the handheld 3D scanner HL-3DH-3M to obtain 3D data of the cockpit of the motor car, and the 3D data of the motor vehicle researcher based on the scan for the subsequent train flow field values Calculation, model wind tunnel test, outer plate mold for secondary design and product improvement.

          Scanning equipment:

          Handheld 3D Scanner HL-3DH-3M


          1. Small size and light weight (950g), easy to carry and use

          2. no external AC power supply, use out of the box, no calibration

          3. using corner measurement, scanning faster

          4. the use of original corner-type marker stickers, compared with the industry commonly used dot marker, the positioning accuracy is higher
          5. It is especially good at scanning complex shaped objects (such as cars and interior parts), with high efficiency, good effect and no blind spots.


          Motor car cockpit physical map



          Motor car cockpit scanning scene map



          Motor car cockpit scanning scene map



          Motor car cockpit STL data



          Motor car cockpit STL data

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