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          Industry applications

          3D scanning of car suspension system

          Car suspension system 3D scanning case

          The customer is a well-known domestic auto parts manufacturer. The customer needs to carry out three-dimensional scanning on the car suspension system, and obtain high-precision three-dimensional data for reverse modeling to make technical reserves for the later product improvement and upgrade.

          Practical problems

          1. Using traditional methods (such as gages, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.) to measure the car suspension system is very cumbersome and time consuming, and it is not easy to accurately and quickly measure and detect the car suspension system.

          2. The shape of the car suspension system is complex and irregular, and the contour of the surface is more. The customer needs to accurately measure the hole position of the car suspension system. It is difficult for the traditional three-dimensional scanner to quickly and accurately obtain a high-precision three-dimensional digital model.

          Vehicle suspension system scene physical map

          Hualang solutions

          Customers need 3D reverse modeling of automotive suspension systems for product upgrades to improve market competitiveness. Therefore, Hualang 3D engineers provide professional solutions: using the handheld 3D scanner HOLON760+ (quickly acquiring high-precision 3D data of the car suspension system) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (converting car suspension system point cloud data to triangulation) The grid data) assisted the company in the secondary design of the automotive suspension system


          Automotive Suspension System STL Data Map



          Automotive Suspension System STL Data Map



          Automotive Suspension System STL Data Map

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