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          Industry applications

          Automobile line total range detection

          Automobile line total route inspection route

          A famous car company wants to test the car lines they produce, obtain 3D data of car lines, and provide data support for subsequent reverse design and 3D inspection.

          Practical problems

          1. The line is cylindrical, with different orientations and a length of 5 meters to be fully scanned. The customer's precision requirements are high.

          2. The simple use of traditional detection methods (such as inspection tools, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.) is very cumbersome and time consuming, and it is not easy to accurately and quickly measure and detect the structure of the automobile line.

          Hualang solutions

          A well-known automobile company needs to design a car route, to improve the measurement efficiency, greatly shorten the measurement time, and the measurement accuracy should be well controlled. The global measurement accuracy is required to be controlled within 0.1 mm. It is very time-consuming to draw by hand. The market is updated. After understanding the company's specific requirements, Hualang engineers used 3D photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) and 3D scanner (HL-3DW) to scan the car line, obtain 3D data of the car line, secondary design and quality inspection. Very convenient.

          1. 3D photogrammetry:

          The scanned car line is up to 5 meters long. Because the line is cylindrical, the orientation is different and the precision is high. The ordinary 3D scanner is not suitable. Hualang engineers first used the 3D photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) to capture multiple images of the car's line. Through the 3D ranging method, the HOLON3DP software automatically combines these images and calculates the center of each code point. The 3D coordinates are used to calculate the 3D coordinate values of the key information points on the surface of the car line.

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          Engineers use HL-3DP to obtain 3D coordinates of car lines

          2. 3D scanning:

          The 3D coordinate data of the car line surface is introduced into the HOLON3DS scanning system, and the three-dimensional scanner (HL-3DW) is used to quickly obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of the automobile line. The 3D scanner features an ultra-large scanning format, a portable design, extremely fast scanning speed, high precision and high stability. The 3D photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) and the 3D scanner (HL-3DW) can be used to correct the point cloud information of the large-area surface, greatly improving the overall point cloud stitching accuracy of the 3D scanner and improving work efficiency. It takes only one and a half hours to obtain three-dimensional data of the car line with an accuracy of 0.15mm.


          Car line 3D scanning scene



          Car line point cloud data



          Car line STL data

          3. 3D inspection:
          The acquired 3D data of the car line is imported into Geomagic Qualify, which can quickly detect the difference between the car line (CAD) model and the manufactured parts of the product. Geomagic Qualify can display the difference between the two in an intuitive and easy-to-understand graphical comparison. .


          Automobile line comparison test chart



          Automotive line column analysis




          Vehicle line comparison test data

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