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          Industry applications

          Tablet 3D inspection

          Tablet 3D inspection case

          An electrical appliance manufacturing company hopes to obtain three-dimensional data of the tablet casing through the 3D scanner HL-3DM, and establish a three-dimensional number of the computer casing for modification and subsequent quality inspection and quality control.

          Practical problems

          1. The customer has very high precision requirements for the three-dimensional data of the earpiece diaphragm, and the overall error needs to be controlled below 0.02mm.

          2. using the traditional measurement method, only part of the data of the tablet shell, can not be measured for the surface part, resulting in incomplete data acquisition, can not detect the tablet shell.

          Hualang solutions


          Preparation before scanning

          In response to the customer's situation, Hualang's engineers have developed a special scanning solution for the customer:

          1. First, Hualang 3D engineers use the 3D scanner HL-3DM to scan the physical object of the flat panel to obtain high-precision and high-accuracy point cloud data, and process the 3D model in STL format through the supporting software.

          2. Import 3D measurement data into reverse modeling software for reverse modeling.


          Tablet shell 3D data

          3. The acquired three-dimensional data of castings can be imported into Geomagic Qualify, which can quickly detect the difference between the casting (CAD) model and the manufactured parts of the product. Geomagic Qualify can display the results in an intuitive and easy-to-understand graphical comparison. The difference.


          Tablet case comparison test chart

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