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          Industry applications

          Three-dimensional detection of large turbine blades

          Large-scale turbine blade three-dimensional inspection case

          The thickness and curvature of large turbine blades vary greatly, there is no obvious solidification sequence, and it is easy to twist and deform. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the casting technology of the blade and improve the quality of the blade casting.

          Practical problems

          1. The surface curvature of large turbine blades is large and distorted, resulting in incomplete data acquisition, and it is impossible to accurately detect turbine blades.

          2. The traditional measurement method takes a long time and cannot perform comprehensive inspection on the turbine blades.

          Hualang solutions

          Case introduction:

          In order to solve the problem of improving the quality of blade castings, a large-scale domestic turbine manufacturer decided to use Hualang 3D photogrammetry technology to detect the turbine blade mold and perform anti-deformation measures on the section with large curvature change.

          Scanning equipment:

          HL-3DP 3D photogrammetry


          ● Quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of the coded points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece.

          ● Control the overall accuracy of the workpiece for three-dimensional measurement of very large workpieces.

          ●It adopts alloy target rod for higher stability.


          Turbine blade measurement site



          Engineers perform photogrammetry work on turbine blades



          Three-dimensional photogrammetric data map of turbine blades


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