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          Industry applications

          Solar mirror three-dimensional inspection

          Solar mirror three-dimensional inspection case

          The solar mirror is one of the core components of the trough type high temperature heat collecting system, which is divided into a glass mirror surface, a ceramic mirror surface and a metal mirror surface. Mirrors are an important part of solar thermal utilization, and high precision, high reflectivity and high durability constitute important performance indicators for solar mirrors.

          Practical problems

          1. The solar reflector is more than 5m long and 2.5m wide. The 3D scanner equipment cannot complete the deviation between the solar mirror and the mounting hole of the bracket.

          2. The installation position of the solar mirror and the support of the bracket, using the traditional detection method, the detection speed is slow, and the time is long, which can not meet the measurement needs of the enterprise.

          Hualang solutions

          Case introduction:

          For a large domestic new energy enterprise, due to the deviation and deformation of the mounting hole between the trough solar mirror and the bracket, it is very difficult for the technicians of the enterprise to install the solar reflector. The Hualang technical engineer is based on the problem faced by the enterprise. Using Hualang 3D photogrammetry system to detect and analyze the mounting holes and brackets of solar mirrors, it provides an effective solution for the installation of solar mirrors in the later stage of the enterprise.

          Scanning equipment:

          HL-3DP 3D Photogrammetry System


          ● Global coded actuarial registration, suitable for large, medium and small objects measurement.

          ● For the three-dimensional measurement of very large workpieces, controlling the overall accuracy of the workpiece and using it with the 3D scBRsp;   anner can reduce the cumulative error of the 3D scan data stitching.

          ● Quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of the coded points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece.

          ● It adopts alloy target rod for higher stability.


          More than 5m long, about 2.5m wide solar mirror scene



          The staff pastes the code on the surface of the mirror



          Hualang engineers perform three-dimensional photogrammetry work on mirrors



          Solar mirror 3D photogrammetric data



          Solar mirror three-dimensional inspection map

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