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          Industry applications

          HL-3DP 3D Photogrammetry System

          Hualang 3D Photogrammetry PK Leica

          The 3D Photogrammetry System (HL-3DP) is a handheld high-resolution digital camera that takes digital photos of the object under test and superimposes the 2D digital photo images to obtain the 3D coordinates of the object under test. The item-shifting technique can effectively save measurement time in 3D coordinates, quality control and deformation analysis for extracting the measured object.

          Practical problems

          1. The distance between the point and the point measured by the Leica theodolite is very high, and the 3D photogrammetry system verifies the distance between the two points by means of "multiple measurement averaging".

          Hualang solutions

          Case introduction:

          A large domestic turbine manufacturer uses the well-known "Leica theodolite" measuring equipment at home and abroad, and the "Hualang 3D Photogrammetry System" to measure the distance between the wall point A and the ground B point. Hualang 3D photogrammetry system and Leica theodolite The data between the two points of A and B were measured separately. The company compared the measured data of the two devices, and the accuracy error between the two points of A and B measured by Hualang 3D photogrammetry system and Leica theodolite was 0.04mm. /4.01m, the company is satisfied with the measurement accuracy of Hualang 3D photogrammetry system.

          Scanning equipment:

          HL-3DP 3D Photogrammetry System


          ● Global coded actuarial registration, suitable for large, medium and small objects measurement.

          ● Control the overall accuracy of the workpiece for 3D measurement of very large workpieces, and use it with 3D scanners to reduce the cumulative error of 3D scanning data stitching.

          ● Quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of the coded points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece.

          ●It adopts alloy target rod for higher stability.


          Hualang 3D Photogrammetry PK Leica



          Hualang engineers carry out A and B two-point photogrammetry work



          Hualang technical engineer shoots at different angles



          Hualang 3D Photogrammetry PK Leica

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