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          Industry applications

          Solar concentrator mold three-dimensional inspection

          Solar concentrator mold three-dimensional inspection case

          In recent years, conventional energy sources have been depleted and people's environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. Clean and environmentally friendly new energy sources have been continuously developed and utilized. Concentration by solar energy can increase the utilization of solar energy again.

          Practical problems

          1. The curvature of the solar arc concentrating plate has a large change in curvature, and the traditional measuring tools cannot perform the testing at all.

          2. The customer requested to quickly test and analyze the solar concentrator mold and obtain the error deformation test report.

          Hualang solutions

          According to the company's problems: Hualang technical engineers use 3D photogrammetry and 3D scanners to test and analyze solar arc concentrator molds and products, without the need to make and use standard arc plates, and eliminate the need for manual measurement and inspection. A large number of human resources have shortened the measurement time. At the same time, the error data obtained by Hualang 3D Photogrammetry System (HL-3DP) and 3D Scanner α7000 is accurate and reliable, which not only has high detection accuracy, but also facilitates targeted arc-shaped arcs. The concentrating plate mold is adjusted to improve the production efficiency of the product and effectively reduce the production cost of the enterprise.


          The staff took different angles of the mold



          Import the captured image to the computer, and the measurement system software automatically processes the image



          Calculate the data and align with the original digital model for comparison analysis



          2D cross section comparison analysis chart



          Solar concentrator 3D scanning scene



          Comparative analysis of 3D scan data and raw data


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