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          Industry applications

          3D inspection of automobile cover mould

          Auto cover mould three-dimensional inspection case

          The manufacturing process of automobile cover molds is complicated. Good stamping process not only simplifies the stamping process, but also greatly reduces the capital investment in die manufacturing.

          Practical problems

          1. The size of the car cover is large (3 meters long and 2 meters wide), the shape is complicated, and the movement is inconvenient. Traditional measuring tools (such as gages, secondary elements, three coordinates, etc.) simply cannot perform inspections

          2. The customer requests to measure the upper and lower mold fitting parts of the automobile cover parts, optimize the precision of the automobile cover parts and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

          Hualang solutions

          The automobile cover has a large size and a complicated shape, so the positioning is difficult and the movement is inconvenient. Therefore, the composite parts are mostly used for the cover parts, and the precision of the automobile cover parts is very high. After the automobile cover parts are overlapped with the cover parts, the two overlapping surfaces are one face, and the mutual fit gap is large, and the quality of the produced products is not high. In order to solve the problems faced by the company, Hualang technical engineer proposed a solution: using Hualang three-dimensional photogrammetry system (HL-3DP) to take a global photo of the car cover mould, and obtain the three-dimensional coordinates of the detected part mark points, which will be photographed. The finished photo is imported into the software for calculation, and the calculated data is compared with the original digital model diagram for comparison and analysis, and the error value between the automobile cover molds and the mutual fit is obtained.

          Scanning equipment:

          3D Photogrammetry System HL-3DP


          ● Global coded actuarial registration, suitable for large, medium and small objects measurement.

          ● Control the overall accuracy of the workpiece for 3D measurement of very large workpieces

          ● Quickly calculate the precise three-dimensional coordinates of the coded points and marking points on the surface of the workpiece.

          ● It adopts alloy target rod for higher stability.

          Car cover mould measurement site


          Technical engineers take pictures from different angles


          Photogrammetry system software calculates imported photos



          Compare chromatograms with raw digital patterns

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