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          Industry applications

          Auto mold 3D scanning

          Volkswagen mold 3D scanning case

          A well-known Volkswagen parts supplier needs to perform three-dimensional inspection of Volkswagen molds to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data, and three-dimensional data to establish three-dimensional digital model files (CAD drawings) of automobile molds, which provide for structural design, retrofit design and subsequent quality inspection of automobile molds. data support.

          Practical problems

          1. Volkswagen's mold is large in size and has a dark black reflective surface to increase the difficulty of scanning. The products produced are prone to deformation, so the quality control of automobile molds is particularly important, and the three-dimensional data of automobile molds has very high precision requirements.

          2. The traditional method of detecting (such as inspection tools, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.) is difficult and time consuming, the process is cumbersome and time consuming, and it is not easy to accurately and quickly measure the structure of the automobile mold.

          Hualang solutions

          Since the Volkswagen mold is about 3 meters long, it is bulky and cumbersome. The surface of the mold has a dark black reflective surface, which is difficult to scan, and the local contour requires high precision. Our peers use traditional detection methods to measure, not only need to spray the developer, but also the scanning speed is slow, the workflow is complex, it takes about 2 hours to complete the scanning, and many sizes and shape features can not be effectively measured. It is easy to produce secondary error, which affects the production efficiency of the product.

          In response to the problems faced by customers, Hualang 3D technical engineers use our newly developed camera-type 3D scanner W3000 to quickly and accurately obtain 3D data of automobile molds, and it is convenient and quick to scan without using the developer. The whole scanning process is less than 30. Minutes, the scanning accuracy is extremely high. Successfully solved the problems faced by customers.

          Scanning equipment:

          Hualang's latest development of 3D scanner HL-W3000

          Applicable areas:

          Automotive vehicles and parts, molds, large castings, aircraft parts, boats, large blades, construction machinery, etc.


          ● Convenient operation: no need to spray imaging agent, scanning is convenient and quick

          ● Portable design: the hardware system is small in size, small in footprint, no noise, easy to disassemble and easy to install, easy to bring to the measurement site

          ● Scanning speed is very fast: ≤ 3-5 seconds to get millions of data points, very efficient

          ● High precision: single scanning accuracy up to 0.02mm, compatible with photogrammetry system, photography makes scanning faster and more accurate, ±0.04mm/4m

          ● Patented design: Eliminate the problem that the common 3D scanner can not be spliced ??by multi-angle scanning. The accumulated scanning precision is extremely high. The single machine can complete the workpiece scanning of more than 4m, and the data has no steps, deformation, stripes, etc., which is suitable for various workpiece requirements.  


          Volkswagen mold physical map




          Volkswagen mold on-site scan



          Volkswagen Mold STL data chart


          Volkswagen mold three-dimensional inspection map


          2D cross-section analysis of automobile mold



          2D cross-section analysis of automobile mold



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