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          Industry applications

          Three-Dimensional Inspection of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mould

          Three-Dimensional Inspection of Super-Large UAV Mould

          A well-known aircraft manufacturer in Shanghai hopes to quickly acquire the appearance data of the side of the original super-large UAV die by using three-dimensional scanner, and to redesign the UAV die with reverse engineering software, so as to accelerate the development of new products and improve production efficiency.

          Practical problems

          1. Because the scanned data of UAV die involves the reverse engineering and quality inspection in the later stage, the accuracy of the scanned data is very high.

          2. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) moulds are large in volume, surface radians are large and curvature varies greatly. It is very tedious to adopt traditional measuring methods (such as checking tools, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.), which not only wastes time, but also obtains inaccurate accuracy.

          Hualang solutions

          In view of the large size and many curved surfaces of UAV moulds, Hualang three-dimensional engineers proposed solutions using scanning equipment: three-dimensional scanner alpha 7000; three-dimensional Photogrammetry System HL-3DP.

          1. Hualang 3-D engineers use HL-3DP to take pictures of the tested blades from different angles, and then import the pictures into the photogrammetric software. The software automatically calculates the overall frame points of the tested blades according to the triangulation principle.

          2. Three-dimensional scanner alpha 7000 makes a comprehensive three-dimensional measurement of UAV die, and obtains the three-dimensional measurement data of wind turbine blades.

          3. Use reverse design software to analyze the deviation of the digital and analog dimensions of the high-quality surface model, and then adjust the design according to the analysis results.


          On-site physical drawings of unmanned aerial vehicle die



          Scanning Diagram of Mould Field for UAV



          Scanning Field Map of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Die



          STL Data Diagram of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Die



          STL Data Diagram of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Die

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