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          Industry applications

          Robot 3-D Scanning

          Three-dimensional Scanning of Robot Manipulator Base

          A well-known enterprise in Sichuan needs to carry out three-dimensional inspection of the robot arm base, obtain high-precision three-dimensional data, and analyze whether the production of the robot arm base is qualified, so as to solve the problems of the normal installation and matching of the robot arm base. Hualang three-dimensional provides a solution for the enterprise.

          Practical problems

          1. The base of the manipulator is bulky and bulky, and the shape of the base is irregular. It is difficult to detect. It is necessary to measure whether the base of the manipulator matches the position of the installation hole of the manipulator.

          2. The scene is bright and the interference is large when scanning. Customers need to scan the base of the manipulator quickly. The scanning data require high precision. It is used for three-dimensional inspection of the base of the manipulator compared with the original digital model.

          Hualang solutions

          In the detection of the base of the manipulator, because of its large volume and heavy weight, the location of the local contour mounting holes requires very high accuracy. The traditional detection method is used to measure, many size and shape characteristics can not be effectively measured, which is prone to produce secondary errors, affecting the installation efficiency of the product. In order to abandon the traditional detection methods, the enterprise uses industrial three-dimensional scanner to test the product quality of the mechanical arm base, and formulates a reasonable design scheme. The technical engineer of Hualang put forward the solution: using the latest three-dimensional scanner HL-W3000 developed by Hualang to collect the three-dimensional data of the base of the manipulator, get the three-dimensional inspection and analysis report, and provide an effective installation solution for the production of forging CNC hammer.


          Effect drawing of robot manipulator



          On-site physical drawings of manipulators



          Scanning field physical drawings of manipulator



          Three-Dimensional Data Map of Manipulator



          STL Data Diagram of Manipulator



          STL Data Diagram of Manipulator

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