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          Industry applications

          3-D Scanning of Gears

          Three-dimensional Testing of Super-large Gears

          With the rapid development of industrial industry, especially in recent years, the construction of urban and rural areas, highways, railways, power stations and so on has accelerated the rapid development of machinery and equipment. A Zhejiang enterprise hopes to obtain the three-dimensional data of large mechanical gears through three-dimensional scanner, and compare it with the original digital-analog map for three-dimensional detection, get the gear detection analysis report, and analyze whether the product is qualified.

          Practical problems

          1. Large gear is an important part of machinery and equipment, which is related to engineering construction and personal safety, so customers require very high accuracy of products.

          2. Large gears are characterized by large volume, complex shape, many concave and convex structures, irregular shape and many edges and corners, which make the scanning work very difficult.

          3. It is very complicated and time-consuming to use traditional measuring methods (such as quadratic element, caliper, three coordinates, etc.), and it is not easy to measure and detect the overall structure of gears accurately and quickly.

          Hualang solutions

          There will be errors in the production process of large gear. Because of the traditional measurement methods, the data obtained are limited and can not accurately measure the three-dimensional data of the gear edge and corner surface of pile driver. Hualang three-dimensional technical engineer: use the photo-type three-dimensional scanner HL-3DS+to quickly scan the three-dimensional data of gear, which is fast, easy to operate and time-consuming, and the data accuracy is very high. Customer scanning needs, successfully solve the problems faced by customers


          Large Gear Scanning Site



          Scanning Field Map of Large Gear



          STL Data Diagram of Large Gear Sweeping



          STL Data Diagram of Large Gear Sweeping



          STL Data Diagram of Large Gear Sweeping

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