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          Industry applications

          Three Dimensional Inspection of Composite Mould

          Three-Dimensional Inspection of Large Composite Dies

          A large-scale NC manufacturing enterprise in Nanjing needs to carry out three-dimensional inspection on the large-scale composite die machined to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data. Hualang Engineer uses the three-dimensional Photogrammetry System HL-3DP to test whether the production of large-scale composite die is qualified.

          Practical problems

          1. Large composite die size (about 7 meters long and 2 meters wide), large volume, inconvenient movement, different edge contours, rhombus surface grooves more. Traditional measuring tools (such as checking tools, quadratic elements, three coordinates, etc.) can not detect at all.

          2. Because of the large volume of composite die, the profile of composite die does not use the traditional three-dimensional scanner. It takes a long time and the data quality is not high and the error is large, so it can not meet the customer's quality inspection of large-scale die.

          Hualang solutions

          In view of the large scanning area of large composite die in this enterprise, in order to eliminate the accumulated scanning error and complete splicing problem, Hualang three-dimensional technical engineer proposed a solution using: three-dimensional photogrammetric system HL-3DP to quickly obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of large-scale die + reverse design software (transforming point cloud data of large-scale die into triangular mesh surface data)+importing into design software. After post-processing, the detection and analysis report was obtained.



          Preparations for Large Die Inspection



          Large Die Inspection Site




          Three Dimensional Data Map of Large Die



          Three Dimensional Data Map of Large Die

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