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          Industry applications

          Wind turbine blades

          Attach great importance to the use of wind to generate electricity at home and abroad, develop new sources of energy.Wind generator blades is the most basic and key parts, its good design, reliable quality and superior performance is to ensure the normal and stable operation of unit determinant.

          Practical problems

          1, when the blades three-dimensional measurement, due to the measured object is large, for photo-scanner to measure, cumulative error too large, how to eliminate errors caused by impact, is the biggest problem
          2, the shape of leaves surface a lot, hard light has in some places, scans increase the difficulty

          Hualang solutions

          A. Holon-3Dp photography measurement system offers digital cameras from different angles are measured leaves for filming;Then import takes a picture by Photogrammetric Software, the software is automatically calculated according to the triangulation principle is overall framework of blade measured points. b.Use Holon-3DZ (integrated) scanner to complete the long wind turbine blades-a measurement, access to vehicle frame, three-dimensional measurements;Framework for software is then calculated and Holon-3DZ (integrated) import with scanner leaves three dimensional data obtained in three dimensional scanning software, to position the skeleton framework data, for splicing of scan data so that they can effectively eliminate the cumulative error for optimal measurement precision of three dimensional.
          C, use design software to design the high quality surface model of reverse dimension deviation analysis and design adjustments based on analysis.
          D final output, using reverse modeling software of CAD data that can be used in CNC machining, rapid prototyping, quality testing and other applications.
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