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          Industry applications

          Plane scanning

          Safety is the focus of attention of aircraft, most aircraft accidents are caused due to a problem with the machine, make more precise fitting of parts is the manufacturers of the most urgent matters.

          Practical problems

          Aircraft and engine room, engine compartment space more narrow, bad scan of the machine, and the plane itself is a combination of a high-precision, scanning accuracy is very high.

          Hualang solutions

          1, scan items: engine rooms, engine compartments
          Three dimensional scan of Hua Lang engineers to overcome our difficulties, access to engine room, three dimensional data, access to data is widely used, it can be used for:

          A, reverse engineering
          For redesign, simulation, analysis of man-machine engineering and avionics retrofit

          B, aerodynamics and stress analysis
          By CAD application duplication, modification and amplification (1: 1) of 3D data file
          For finite element analysis (FEA) 3D scan of original models, can greatly shorten the plane's production cycle

          C, OEM and legacy part reengineering
          Damaged, broken or old parts of 3D scanning
          D file is transferred to the CAD application for redesign, simulation and manufacture aircraft components design and engineering
          Interior styling and design of aircraft components

          D, maintenance, repair and overhaul
          Damage assessment
          Refurbished part consistency evaluation to modify specifications manual tooling
          3D scanning or touch probing to collect and track modifications made prototypes/tools/models
          Geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T)


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