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          Industry applications

          Aviation helmets

          Modern man can not be separated from the plane, people are demanding more than just security, there is a very important thing about the comfort and aesthetics, so that major airlines have to keep developing new products to meet consumer needs.

          Practical problems

          Aviation helmets innermost level is too high, there are many surfaces and grooves, harder led to scan, and the plane itself is a combination of a high-precision, scanning accuracy is very high.

          Hualang solutions

          1, case needs: customers need to develop new aviation helmet, you need to obtain data for an existing helmet references
          2, customer demands precision: 0.02MM
          3, the actual scanning accuracy: <0.02MM


          Aviation helmet picture


          Aviation helmet has shape complex, and bulk small, and parts specifications differences big, and reliability requires high features, so products of stereotypes is a complex and precision of process, often needs repeatedly of design, and test and improved, costing big, and takes long, first Pro three dimensional provides of fast forming service, can fast of manufacturing out by needed samples, and simulation out products of eventually form (features form, and surfaces form,), can for products test, and Assembly test, and assessment, and features explained, features, and traditional technology compared to can shortened about 1/ 4 of the time.




          Compared with traditional, Hua long three-dimensional molding process, is not limited by the shape and structure, can be done quickly without any mold arbitrary complex shapes.Produce results not only with high precision, details of well-made, high surface quality in accordance with technical requirements for aerospace, also were to some degree on lightweighting of Ascension.

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