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          Industry applications

          For motor vehicle

          Rapid development in the world today, greatly increased the amount of use, people's requirements have become more sophisticated, and scanner came into being, it can be easy and highly accurate acquisition of complex three dimensional data items.

          Practical problems

          Three dimensional measurement of the vehicle needed to be fast and gets the three-dimensional digital model, but the entire surface of the car lots, but also more complex, in addition to improving the measurement of efficiency, shorten measurement time, measurement accuracy to be well controlled, requires global measurement precision control in 0.1mm.
          For the Automotive Engineering Research Institute proposed to measure efficiency, not only conventional gantry coordinate measuring machines equipment is costly, and the measurement takes enormous, such measurements that are clearly not acceptable to customers.

          Hualang solutions

          Against the customer's problem, Hua long three-dimensional provided: 3DP Photogrammetry System + photo-scanner (3DS) solution.
          Photo-d scanning methods at advanced stability, better than any conventional measuring equipment can meet the requirements of rapid measurement, surface more cars and more complex situations can be solved eventually complete surfaces of three dimensional information quickly gets into the car and significantly reduces the measuring time, effectively improve the working efficiency.


          Car scanning the scene

          Car scanning the scene

          Hua long three dimensional photogrammetric system (3DP) on photographing the body measurement, calculate the stickers on the body surface of coding and marking points of three-dimensional coordinate values automatically generates a highly accurate three dimensional coordinate system.Then three dimensional information of body surface markers exporting project files, for use 3D three dimensional scanning system.
          In front of the vehicle scanned, imported project file Holon3DP Gets the point of body surface markers, use Hua long three dimensional scanning system (3DS) vehicle for quick three dimensional scanning (copy number) for an automobile three-dimensional high density point cloud data.Through three dimensional scanning (copying), can get details very clearly parts of three dimensional data, thus providing designers with high quality reverse engineering design of three dimensional data.


          Car scanning point cloud

          Car scanning point cloud


          Work 3DP and 3DS, randomness will not only improve the scanning and scanning speed, and greatly decrease the accumulation of large object scan error, to achieve higher measurement accuracy.Accuracy ± 0.05mm/4m.It is also internationally recognized big-ticket items scanned scientific measurement programme.
          Compared to other modes of three-dimensional measurement, Hua long three-dimensional solution can effectively reduce the measuring time (compared with the average laser measurements under the same conditions, using only one-third, or less time to complete), greatly increase productivity, lower costs, and higher quality.
          Holon3D portable three-dimension measuring device, easy to move and carry, without models and space limitations, accurate scanning of body parts are readily and easily obtained overall three dimensional surface data.


          Automobile three dimensional scans (STL)

          Automobile three dimensional scans (STL)


          The integrated application of two types of device, vehicle larger scan area to be able to control a global measurement accuracy, make the results fully satisfy the customer's standard--0.1mm.In addition, the use of two devices is not affected by the size and space limitations, measurement can be moved at any time, such combinations in addition to ensure the quality of projects, savings in time and labor costs for customers.


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