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          Industry applications


          Chinese history and culture is broad and profound, has a long history.Every cultural relics and ruins are carriers of the history of the Chinese nation, and is a microcosm of the rich culture of 5,000 years, is even more important national treasures and research data.But because of the particularity of cultural relics, made it difficult for unearthed later saved, and difficult to repair after damage, this phenomenon has made conservation a major difficulty for all archaeological work.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          1. rapid access to heritage the overall data, effectively shorten the scanning, recording of heritage cycles
          Hua Lang scanner on archaeological sites, archaeological and environmental scans.This technology is the most accurate and efficient methods of documentation of heritage protection.Scanning the archaeological sites and artifacts can get a stereoscopic data documents, can be established for cultural relics protection, site restore true three dimensional digital model, the most authentic records of status of archaeological sites, provides the most comprehensive information for future studies.Hua Lang three dimensional scanner using structured light, so it does not have any effect on heritage and archaeological sites.

          2. conservation
          Used China lang three dimensional of three dimensional scanner on heritage for detailed scan, after staff of built die and repair, can will heritage restore into most real of looks, and can application curvature, and raster line, directive on some has breakage of heritage for stitching recovery and simulation patch, omitted repair process in the of repeatedly contrast of steps, avoid on heritage of II times hurt, and can according to data, found easy damaged of part, help developed out protection programme, convenient future of protection.


          3. heritage copy
          Common heritage replication typically use plaster for mold, for high value, unique treasure that style does not allow direct over-form plaster, scanner does not affect the appearance of heritage, heritage replication could more accurately and quickly.


          Horse running on the swallow


          4. the design and manufacture of derivatives
          To zoom in or out on the basis of the data, or even modify and redesign.Does not damage to the relics at the same time the design and manufacture of derivatives.Following figure is with animal head for prototype design through innovation can produce, commodities into the window.

          5. the Museum virtual exhibition
          Using three dimensional scanning technology for Omni-directional scanning artifacts and monuments, get the most realistic stereo three-dimensional data, show a three dimensional scene for tourists, more vivid, more attractive and makes people more curious, but also allowing visitors to see the different places of collection.


          After the data is widely used to obtain three-dimensional

          1. in document protection
          2. conservation
          3. heritage copy
          4. archaeological site record
          5. virtual exhibition
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