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          Industry applications


          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Standard, human body model establishment
          Clothing with standard table, the human body is the enterprise three-dimensional design used for garment pattern design, research one of the most important tools for cropping. "Heated manikin "is used for clothing measurement, evaluation of thermal insulating, breathable comfort index an important tool;Standard human model dedicated to study of clothing pressure, relaxed.Designers can people die for fashion design, sample directly on the modify clause.


          Human models


          Applications of this technology could also establish teti model study of special-size clothing products (Camelback, obesity, and body under different conditions of study on tensile deformation of the skin garments, but also issues such as weight).

          1, tailor-made system is the restructuring and reorganization of the production process of the product into mass production.First customers obtained through three dimensional scanning system size information through electronic order transmission CAD system to production, depending on the size of the system of information and customer requirements for clothing styles (relaxation, such as weight, length, width, area information, found in the sample library model for the matching end system produced a rapid response.Tailored according to customer specific requirements, tailored clothing truly fit and comfortable;Development of customer business attire or uniforms for groups, needed for those looking for the appropriate fit size combinations.During the entire operation, getting data from the completed 2-3 days to clothing, greatly reducing the production time, improve the enterprise's production speed.


          Corset scan


          2, custom shoes, through foots of three dimensional scanner to get customer data information, designers depending on the design of scanned foot data best fit shoes, special foot for custom, very practical.

          Criminal investigation
          1, footprints
          Gets the footprints at the crime scene three-dimensional data, examined, technicians to import scan results of three dimensional data in special testing software, quickly concluded that testing data, move the data to the original data comparison, variants can be derived objects, according to this variant can push the measure caused the footprints of time so that they could quickly cracked the case.


          Footprints of three-dimensional inspection

          Ningbo Public Security Bureau tracks scan samples


          2, bone
          By scanning the skull of the victim, can recover the victims face, determine the victim's identity.

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