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          Industry applications


          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Easy to learn (short learning curve)
          In General, teachers need to teach students a variety of subjects, always have a heavy workload.Because Hua long scanner is easy to use, extremely short learning curve, it will cause the student proficiency, allows teachers to win more time to teach important doctrines and Foundation courses.Therefore, China long optical scanner has become a fine art, design, engineering, modeling effective teaching in the classroom equipment.


          Art Academy
          Now, an increasing number of art teachers and a beautiful long optical scanners in their class or study.Due to the use of Hua Lang optical scanner, you can scan a student's 3D content, capable of generating entities image or using a rapid prototyping machine to make a new version of the model, Hua long optical scanner for learning offers new ways to create and design, built a bridge between the real and virtual.Students save unnecessary waste of energy, and to concentrate on demonstrating their creativity.




          Engineering and technology colleges
          Hua Lang scanner is widely used by professors of engineering.The most advanced non-contact optical scanner can easily be used in any classroom and lab, due to its rugged and portable design, particularly suitable for shop floor work and presentation.Therefore, an engineering school with Hua long optical scanners in different places such as classrooms, laboratories, on-site for students to design, analysis, and inspection tasks of guidance and training, and lay a solid foundation for future work for the students.




          Hua Lang scanner can be used by different types of faculties in colleges and universities
          · The modern manufacturing technology Department
          · Art design and Fine Arts Faculty
          · Garment design and production classes faculty
          · Mechanical Foundation laboratory
          · In automotive design and technology faculty
          · Multimedia and animation for computer game design
          · Medical surgery and nursing faculty
          · The history of cultural relics and Archaeology Research

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