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          Industry applications


          Footwear manufacturers are constantly developing new products, in addition to the emphasis has always been the design, functionality and comfort also became the focus of design, shoes change, shorter product life cycles became the market's trend, manufacturers in order to meet the market demand, you need to design and manufacture technology for fast improvement.

          Holon 3D scanner applied to shoemaking industry solutions

          1. shoe, shoes mould design and reverse engineering
          A 3D model validation, quickly get hand-made shoes are used in software design, speed up the design process.
          B, fast access to shoe three dimensional scan data for reverse engineering.Traditional production method is the use of measuring tools to measure and use 2D drawings manual conversion3D drawings, a long, low production efficiency, cannot guarantee that the foot-shaped 3D models for real-time updates, custom shoes to the increasingly hot industry, have been unable to meet development needs.Use advanced photo-scanner, hand-made shoes can be a quick three dimensional scan mode, rapid access to the surface point cloud data, processed and then the CAD dimensional data model, allowing designers to easily shoe design.Effective duration reduction, significantly improving productivity in the footwear industry.


          Sole three dimensional scanning

          Sole three dimensional scanning


          2. the three-dimensional data-quick scan, sole, heel mould volume production Hua Lang three dimensional photo type three dimensional scanner can fast gets soles, and heel three dimensional data (3D model), get high-density of mold points cloud information, let design soles, and heel mold design personnel can

          according to points cloud information reconstruction die mouth line, across color Groove and die surface, modified produced out perfect of CAD data, then according to modified of CAD data processing out Shang die, let production out of mold points die line and points die surface can precision to collection in together, production qualified of mold;
          Advantages of Hua Lang scanner: scan speed, time is short, very applicable for mass production of mould scan job.Design of a photo scanner portable, readily scan any size die, gets the point cloud of extremely fast, and relative disadvantage of laser scanning the corners, three dimensional scanner to ensure integrity of scan data;


          The shoes mould

          3. shoe, shoes mould of three-dimensional inspection
          Quick shoe tree-dimensional data with the original three dimensional map data comparison and analysis of three-dimensional detection in three dimensions.Shoe errors might appear throughout the process from design to completion, thus affecting the mold and footwear production, leading to delay of delivery, leading to credit reduced.Completed and try to shoe last and try shoes on process, and then through the manual modification, repeat this procedure, both time-consuming and unable to guarantee the best results.Hua long three-dimensional handheld scanner quick shoe surface data, comparisons with standard

          digital and analog, come to the error analysis report, to repair errors in parts, eliminating the need for repeated testing time, the shoe is very close to standard sizes and modifications.


          Scanning the foot

          Scanning the foot


          Foot using a hand-held scanner to get the human body three dimensional scanning of data.A handheld scanner software packages to deal with the STL format for three dimensional models.Obtained by foot three-dimensional digital model, shoe design through human-computer interactive interface to easily modify your custom shoe-shoe-mold-shoe production.Shoe design for comfort, functionality and aesthetics are able to meet the needs of users and significantly shorten the custom cycle orthopedic insoles custom foot shoe features the same, are Plantar force through changes to reduce permanent deformity in patients with pain, and foot deformity is corrected.With orthopaedic shoes, can make patients more comfortable and clubfoot restoreComplex effects are even more pronounced.Hua long three-dimensional handheld scanner, you can directly scanning the foot-shaped so that data directly to a shoe factory production, depending on the consumer's foot-shaped and the choice of styles, shoe can be directly processed, rapid production for consumers as

          well as customized shoes, actually make consumers feel custom shoe brings comfort, aesthetics, efficiency, efficacy, and so on.


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