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          Industry applications


          Ceramic history is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization, as one of the four great ancient civilizations of China, for the progress of human society and made an outstanding contribution to the development, invention and development of the ceramic is of unique significance, various dynasties in Chinese history on behalf of different artistic styles and different technical features.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          As Han traditional culture one of ceramic culture, in national matrix in the bred, and growth and development, it to living of condensed with creation who emotional, and with dirt of fragrance, and retained with creation who xinshouxiangying of emotional of art image, performance with Han culture, described with one by one beautifully of story, show with broad of social life picture, records with crowd of joys and sorrows, description with national of psychological, and spirit and character of development and changes, accompanied with national of hi and sad and forward.


          Ceramic three-dimensional scan samples


          Ceramic industry market in China in recent years is not very optimistic, industry orders down their industry under pressure.Rising energy demand and prices continue to rise, coupled with increasing energy efficiency policies, resulting in ceramic industry's production costs continue to increase, while profits continue to decrease, generate stress.Ceramic industry profits have been compressed, and ceramic sanitary ware company faces challenges of life, development encountered bottlenecks.

          But ceramics enterprises should lighten up, and actively explore and seek creative talent to create a new type of ceramic industry, find a path conducive to the development of the industry.Three dimensional scanner might be the saviour of the ceramic industry, for existing ceramic three-dimensional data using their scanner, importing design software, designers can modify the creation of new works.Ceramic three-dimensional data, can also be industrialized production, significantly reducing labor costs.


          Toilet three-dimensional inspection

          Toilet three-dimensional inspection

          Toilet three-dimensional inspection


          Scanner can also be applied in three dimensional inspection above, squeezed as the toilet due to perennial, inevitably deformed, toilet manufacturers can use the scanner detect deformation after being squeezed out of the toilet.

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