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          Industry applications


          Modern machinery, equipment, and software technology continues to advance new revolution also brings carving industry, engraving machines, a variety of new carvings and beautiful carving craft products, industrial capacities improved, however the bottleneck of industrial upgrading is also apparent.For production enterprises, the introduction of high technology, improve production efficiency is a vital step in enterprise development.Three dimensional understanding of Hua Lang carving industry encounters problems, specifically for customer development and precisely-carved three dimensional scanner, help carving industry to solve these problems and improve productivity.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          1. digital engraving
          Engraving machine has made a lot of carvers were freed so that they have time to design a new product.But when new products are carved out, engraving machine, machining path and processing procedures?Applications requiring scanner using scanner product data can be scanned into a computer and converted to path, for mass production.Three dimensional scans and all files and paths can also be saved into a three dimensional database, not only complete, accurate and easy to manage.Also greatly improves production efficiency.


          Carved scene

          Carved scene


          2. three dimensional design and innovation
          Now designing software is not very powerful, not fully achieve the purpose of design, especially complex surfaces, and traditional designs are usually designed on a plane or carved one.This approach does not see the effect, without modification.According to existing data and innovation, designed to reduce the difficulty of lot, and significantly reduce design time.

          3. product imitation
          Many masters of boutique and orphan works are very popular.But once again, these are difficult to manufacture.Scanner can scan these classic, mass production, can also be added to its own products, generating a profit.
          Hua Lang three dimensional mature and sound programme service in many enterprises.Not only applied to wood carving, stone carving, have also experimented with similar to ivory, root sculpture, Che Qu's many enterprises, and get a lot of praise.


          Jade scan samples

          Jade scan samples


          4. store three dimensional data
          Engraving products to build complete, accurate, permanent digital archives

          After the data is widely used to obtain three-dimensional

          1, the reverse design
          2, connect the engraver
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