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          Industry applications


          General custom natural material other than metal, such as gold and silver (mineral, rock, biology and so on) made of attractive jewelry, arts and crafts or other collection are collectively referred to as jewelry, it is "jewelry" is operating these items of jewellery are also collectively referred to as "jewellery".Scientifically, "says jewelry" with the broader notion of "jewel" of the concept is the same.Generalized gem generally refers to those appropriate for wonder or carving processing as a raw material for jewelry or crafts.Whether it is man-made or natural stones is to chase the object of modern people.

          Hualang benefits for the enterprise

          1, jewelry designer jewelry three dimensional scanner enables access to any data, and then further modified the design, for the creation of a new product is very helpful
          2, there is a three dimensional scanner, jewelry manufacturers can be produced according to data of arbitrary zoom version of jewelry

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Jewellery design
          As living standards improve, consumers on jewelry is no longer a value concept, focusing more on change of style and exquisite craft, whereas most jewelry designers at "drawing" on the role, design cycle is long, slow response times in the market to adapt to changeable appearance of the needs of consumers.
          Through the scanner directly to all kinds of complex, irregular, non-standard jewel full collection of three-dimensional entity data into the computer, and rapid reconstruction of three dimensional solid model, and by designer's creative design, Oyster has developed a new, faster to market and win greater market.
          Using the scanner, you can do: 1 ensure perfectly on jewelry detail and again 2: significantly increase design efficiency in Designer 3: no jewelry samples cause any physical damage.

          Ring three dimensional scanning

          Ring three dimensional scanning


          Jewelry store three dimensional data
          Jewelry is often considerable masters orphan, slightly missing would be difficult to recover, thanks to the precision of three dimensional scanner can quickly get the jewelry three-dimensional data for data storage, for later use.

          Jewelry mass production
          Existing jewelry is not three dimensional data, but also need to zoom in or out of his version, without the aid of three dimensional scanner, which is hard to do, even relying on hand-made, precision and bias is relatively large and time-consuming, and increases the cost.If you have a scanner, you can easily access data then by engraver to carve out larger or smaller.


          Wax kind

          Wax kind


          Wax three dimensional scans

          Wax three dimensional scans

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