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          Industry applications


          Reverse engineering is closely linked with the industry, mould industry is no exception, and now molds used in the industrial production rate of 60%-90%.Mold into injection molding, blow molding, casting, forming, smelting, forging, stamping, stretching, etc, is used for molding tool, this tool consists of various parts, different parts, different moulds.Reverse engineering for visualization of the industrial inspection and modification of product design and innovation have become increasingly routine, specialization.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Extraction of point data of high quality, efficient auxiliary mold reverse engineering (foundry raw data access, data acquisition and data processing for end-to-end process)
          In the new product development and innovation, many is not a CAD digital product data models, mold designers often have to face is a physical specimen, may sometimes be missing drawings, in such a case would require physical transformation by means of three dimensional scanning for CAD models, physical reconstruction, for die mould design and manufacture.Such as parting surfaces, contraction coefficient calculations.
          By Holon3d three dimensional scanning system, accurate master data profile and data size
          Using the latest scanning technology, as white three-dimensional scan.For fine appearance of small parts or complex objects, you can accurately extract surface point clouds data, a single scanning speed in less than 3 seconds, to save a lot of time, so as to raise efficiency.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Mold manufacturing process
          Die tryout and accuracy requirements are not met in the trimming process, you may need to redesign.Using reverse engineering techniques can reduce the designer's troubles through the surface data acquisition and innovation, reduce design steps, so as to optimize the product design process.


          Bumper steel scan site

          Bumper steel scan site


          Die remodel repair (convenient gets old stencil data and giving an accurate modification)
          Traditional stencil designs generally use dimensional engraving, CNC milling machines to mold making products.This method is unable to establish a digital archive, and manual repair workload, workers skill demands, CNC machining and industrial testing in the late great difficulties.Since products tend to be pros and cons of genetic mother die, slowly into the reverse engineering of this technology to improve the ability of mold modifications and innovations.

          After the completion of mold design and manufacture, proofing products leaves something to be desired, in such a case it is necessary to modify die innovation.Mould be detected again and the process of change is often the process is more complex.Some designers will have the following phrase: "the modification might as well have a new design".Reverse design and can be tested using three-dimensional detection means, reduce the extra work of designers.

          Making quality mold deformation of sample accurate error reports, detailed three dimensional master test results, improve product quality


          Bumper (steel)-dimensional inspection

          Bumper (steel)-dimensional inspection


          Many enterprises use three dimensional scanning technology and the shaping stage shapes using three dimensional scanning device evaluation.Generating CAD data comparison and color variation codes.If you detect defects in a production prototype size, you can bug feedback at an early stage in the die design and processing methods, thereby improving development efficiency.

          After the data is widely used to obtain three-dimensional

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          2, the reverse design
          3, mold testing
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