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          Industry applications


          Modern electronics are already integrated into every aspect of people's lives.Refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, mobile phones, headsets are among the electronics category, and this also made the industry's varied and diverse product design, materials, production and processing process is complex.

          Electrical and electronic integrated solutions

          1. reverse engineering and imitation
          Hua Lang three dimensional scanner can quickly scan objects scanned data designers to reverse modeling based on three dimensional model, also on a three dimensional model that can be modified with innovative design, Assembly and industrial testing can also in software.Compared with the previous design method of two-dimensional drawing not only shorten the design cycle and enhance the design success.

          2. quality inspection
          Electronic electric industry by using of material widely, common to some soft, and easy degeneration, and surfaces complex, easily detection of entity, through China lang three dimensional scanner can in entity forming stage on its shape for assessment, generated CAD data comparison analysis and color errors coding figure, if at this time of entity appeared quality problem, also can will these defects timely feedback to design and processing process in the, to avoid produced into products Hou found not with caused of loss.


          Phone Panel of three-dimensional inspection

          Phone Panel of three-dimensional inspection


          3. access to data (copy number) production
          21st century electronic product replacement frequently, which parts need is dazzling, shape, material is quite different, very difficult to scan, on the follow-up of the production or testing a certain way.Uses Holon-3DE three dimensional scan system, completely waived complex of scan steps, uses very short of time, can on has complex surfaces, and soft, and easy broken of items for scan, came by needs of data, can uses original number die for detection, came analysis report, directly on parts for amendment, significantly reduced detection modified Hou again detection again modified of repeat steps, improve detection modified of once success rate, indirect guarantee parts and mold of quality.Use of high-precision data extraction, reverse modeling can improve staff productivity, guarantee mould production time.


          4.3D design
          Many design products are now tending to the user experience, how to make people get the most comfort has become an important link in the design process.Hua Lang scanner can help you get the most fitting human body three dimensional data, as shown in the following illustration, by scanning clients grasp of clay, meet customers get hand-shaped mouse model which enables customers to get the most comfortable experience.


          Cell phone reverse design

          Cell phone reverse design


          5. three dimensional CAD data archive
          Hua long three-dimensional products can help you set up a database of three dimensional data repository to facilitate your future product quality inspection and product modifications and upgrades

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