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          Industry applications

          Wind power

          Wind turbine blade design, material selection and technology, is a major factor determining wind power device performance and power, affects the unit cost of wind power generation, in order to improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of two factors of fan, blades manufactured to large-scale development.In General, wind turbine blades the length of metres, even a dozen meters, large sizes, almost without the proper measuring device in the past can be three dimensional measurement, that is, three dimensional measurements using laser total-station instrument to, just get the key points of data, measurement was slow and low precision.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          Scanning data full (large-scale comprehensive scanning, accurate to obtain complete data)
          Scanned artifacts due to energy plants are often very small and difficult to move.Difficulties in obtaining complete and accurate data using traditional measuring methods.
          Three dimensional scanning equipment using non-contact scanning, easily resolved the extraction and processing of data, China long after much repeated practice of three-dimensional, to scan the data integrity, accuracy, conduct a comprehensive study and practice, summed up the three-dimensional integrated technology solutions, even for complex, large size work-piece, or verbose output is a comprehensive data results.
          Scan covers wide range of depth of field and is suitable for larger depth of field of the object (such as the impeller) to scan through reverse engineering can improve the leaf axial loads.


          Water turbine blades inspection


          Fast scanning time, for maximum productivity
          Using traditional reverse equipment-three-coordinate measurement approach is less efficient, often took a long time measurement of a large workpiece, affecting the efficiency of detection of the product.3DS data scanner to capture surface, fast scanning speed, short operating time, work more efficiently, saving hours of work.


          Error analysis of high accuracy (wind blade testing applications)
          Traditional testing methods can not meet the demand for high efficiency and high precision production, through the 3DS series quick three dimensional scanner scans, access to high-precision, high-quality cloud data, combined with the professional three-dimensional detection software, against linking it to the original model, the color quality evaluation spectrum, providing accurate data analysis reporting and analysis components fit.
          Point cloud data that provides high-precision, high-quality, scanning accuracy ± 0.015mm/m.For larger objects, three dimensional photogrammetric system developed by Hua long, precise product quality inspection.


          Wind blade scanning

          Wind blade scanning


          Wind energy is the kinetic energy generated by the air flow.Of wind energy, rational use of wind energy, can both reduce pollution and alleviate the pressure of energy shortage.Blade design and manufacture are important causes of wind power installations and power through scanners get surface information quickly, providing complete data, compared with the three-dimensional digital model, a Variant analysis of blade, workpiece improvement and equipment defects to provide complete and accurate information, and thereby control the quality of production.
          Overall efficiency of blade making increasingly large scale, precision and processing costs.Wind power installations are generally a few meters to dozens of meters, Hua long three-dimension by unique algorithms and photogrammetric techniques to easily solve puzzles.

          After the data is widely used to obtain three-dimensional

          1. three dimensional measurement of blade
          2. the blade bending test
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