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          Industry applications

          Air and sea

          Air and sea industry is a high-tech strategic industry, is the engine for national development of cutting-edge technology.Modern air navigation products are cutting-edge technology integration, development and production of advanced products will definitely lead to the development of cutting-edge technology, providing technical equipment for national development and national defense construction and strategic products.Aviation navigation technology is the development of national strength in science and technology, how to accelerate the development of air navigation technology is the problem that we face, away from dependence on foreign technology limited, strengthening the ability of independent innovation, and absorption of foreign advanced technology, to carry out a qualitative leap in the aerospace industry.

          Hualang for Integrated Solutions

          1. aircraft design
          Holon3DP photography measurement body measurement is easily (such as gas turbines, engine rooms, engine compartments and cabins) that data, analyses and data, lay a firm foundation for innovative design.Man-machine engineering analysis and simulation, avionics retrofit can draw from it the necessary technical, you may want to try the modified parts are assembled, guarantee form and installing fit model testing and product quality requirements, modifying the collision parts directly in the software, improving the success rate of production.Can also scan data to establish permanent electronic history can check out documents at any time in the future.


          2. accuracy test (Advanced detection system to provide rapid detection, improve efficiency, reduce working hours)
          Fast detection, overall dimension inspection of large parts such as aircraft tail in less than 1 hour of time, detection of small parts such as aircraft spare parts even in less than 15 minutes;In view of the extremely demanding quality and shape of the aviation products vary in size, complexity of the surface is quite different, using three dimensional scanning systems can detect aircraft parts.Scanning the part, thanks to non-contact scanning, soft and easily broken, parts of the probe beyond the reach of complex surface of workpieces can be easily scanned, greatly reducing the scan time of the job, complete with comparison of CAD model matching, colour coded diagram shows the deviation of errors and deviations, last the CAD data to correct it.


          Aircraft parts inspection

          Aircraft parts inspection


          3. repair and maintenance
          Use of aircraft scanned data, compares the body after injury, more intuitive to see the injury to facilitate aircraft damaged part straight to the most reasonable repair plan, improve the safety of aircraft, parts that can be repaired for quality assessment as to whether or not you can take off again for an accurate judgment.Aircraft maintenance can also pass in contrast to later, more intuitive to see distortion or displacement parts, these parts of the previously difficult to distinguish with the naked eye repair easily scanned, so that the whole testing process is more complete.Data can also be saved in a permanent document, for repeated repairs after more solid theoretical foundation.


          Aircraft repair and maintenance

          Aircraft repair and maintenance


          A. damage assessment b.Refurbished part consistency evaluation to modify specifications manual tooling
          C.3D scan or touch probing to collect and track modifications made prototypes/tools/models d.Geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T)


          4. the aircraft parts-reverse engineering (rapid prototyping and technical advantages of the flexible, convenient realization of aerospace single or small batch products of high quality production)
          For abroad imports aircraft precision accessories, uses artificial of means and cannot accurate of measurement out its size, accessories produces of errors cannot meet requires, so products of stereotypes is a complex and precision of process, often needs repeatedly of design, and test and improved, costing big, and takes long, China lang three dimensional provides of fast forming service, can fast of manufacturing out by needed samples, and simulation out products of eventually form (features form, and surfaces form,), can for products test, and Assembly test, and assessment, and features explained, features, Compared with conventional technology can shorten one-fourth time.Use reverse technique is expected to take this master key technologies and its application to aviation and aerospace industries.Using the scanner to scan for artifacts, data processing, access to relevant information necessary for innovative design, to develop more advanced equipment.Core each other militarily as well as through their corresponding counter technology, research methods, so as to boost the country's military might.
          Gas turbines, engine rooms, engine compartments and cockpits of reverse engineering of older design, free 3D models (prior to about 1990) installation purposes: instead of unreliable 2D models.Cost-cutting measures: new suppliers bids, fitting a new control system, redesigned, powered again: a new engine was installed into the existing Jet cockpit scan, to redesign, simulation, analysis of man-machine engineering and avionics retrofit of reverse engineering is used to assemble/manufacture MRO manuals.Provides plant personnel with better views, in order to avoid mistake/misunderstanding, build electronic history: there is no written document that needs to be archived (fee) can easily read documents at any time, to PLM product structure to ensure proper configuration every time.


          5. aerodynamic and stress analysis
          3D scanning of mould/model, used in preliminary air flow analysis the following types of parts, to place the CFD models: a.Wing b.C of the fuselage.Hood d.Exhaust mixers e.F of the external tank.By CAD application duplication, modification and amplification (1: 1) g 3D data files.For finite element analysis (FEA) 3D scan of original models, can greatly shorten the plane's production cycle


          The j-20 aircraft

          The j-20 aircraft


          6.OEM and a legacy part reengineering.3D scanning of b is damaged, broken or old parts.D file is transferred to the CAD application for redesign, simulation, and design and engineering to manufacture aircraft components again c.Interior styling and design of aircraft component d.Tools for blades, pipe and fittings and fixture design e.Mechanical design and dynamic analysis of f.Design of pneumatic and hydraulic system g.Data transmission
          H.2D drawing
          I.3D modeling

          After the data is widely used to obtain three-dimensional

          1, aircraft components examination
          2, plane design
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