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          Your privacy is essential for Hua long three-dimensional.


          Personal information

          Typically, you can access on the Internet in China lang three dimensional without telling us who you are and without providing any personal information about you.
          You may choose to provide personal information to us in a variety of situations.For example, you may want to provide us with information (such as name, address, or E-mail identity), so that we can contact you, process your mail and proxy information.
          You can also provide us with your resume in order to get your desired Hua long vacant three dimensional job-related information prior to collect information from you, we want to let you know how we will use such information;If you tell us that you do not want us to use this information for further contact (in addition to fulfilling your request), we will respect your wishes.If you provide us with information about another person (such as a spouse or work colleague) of personal information, we will assume that you have their permission.

          For use by us or other parties, to fulfill your requests.
          Use to keep in touch with you in order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research or treatment of some transactions.
          For anonymous data analysis (for example, clickstream data).
          To develop our business relationship


          Information security and quality
          We want to protect your personal information and to maintain its quality.We will take appropriate measures and methods (for example, when transmitting certain sensitive information, using encryption technologies), to help us keep your information secure and to maintain its quality.

          Links to non-Chinese lang three dimensional site
          Hua Lang three dimensional site may contain links to other Web sites.Hua Lang three dimensional without privacy guidelines and operating practices of those Web sites or the content.


          Important information
          Lang in China in the three dimensional record of if your personal information is incorrect and needs to be corrected, please return to sender or recurrent email send to
          service@holon3d.com 。

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