Vụ các lãnh đạo Yên Bái bắn giết nhau lên báo lớn nước ngoài

Hai lãnh đạo to nhất tỉnh Yên Bái, một tỉnh nghèo, giáp biên của Việt Nam bị bắn chết ngay trong cơ quan giữa ban ngày.

Tay súng thiện xạ này bắn chính xác không để cho các bác sỹ con đường cứu mạng nạn nhân. Tay xạ thủ này lại cũng là một lãnh đạo ngành kiểm lâm.

Sau khi giết xong hai lãnh đạo, tay súng tự kết liễu đời mình bằng 2 phát đạn vào đầu.

Khẩu súng được tay súng sử dụng thuộc loại súng ngắn, K59, chưa độ, không gắn giảm thanh. Khẩu súng mà tay súng nghiệp dư này sử dụng được Đảng và nhà nước Việt nam trang bị.

Dưới đây là hai trong số các bài

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 — Two provincial officials in Vietnam’s governing Communist Party died on Thursday after being shot in their offices by a forest ranger, who later shot himself, the country’s state-controlled news media reported.

The shootings, a rarity in Vietnam, occurred early Thursday in the northern province of Yen Bai, just before a meeting of the People’s Council, a lawmaking body, the official Vietnam News Agency said. It identified the gunman as Do Cuong Minh, the leader of Yen Bai’s forest ranger unit.
The victims were Pham Duy Cuong, the province’s Communist Party secretary and top official, and Ngo Ngoc Tuan, the chairman of the People’s Council, the news agency said. Both men were shot multiple times.
All three men were pronounced dead at Yen Bai General Hospital, according to an online report by the state-run newspaper Thanh Nien.
It gave no indication of a motive. Pham Hong Luong, a senior forestry official at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Hanoi, the capital, declined to comment.
Although petty theft is increasingly common in some Vietnamese cities, and protests by villagers over various issues occasionally turn violent, deadly shootings — especially ones that target officials — are unusual.
The one-party government prohibits citizens from owning guns, and most street-level police officers are only lightly armed.
Vietnam reported 1.51 intentional homicides per 100,000 people in 2011, up from 1.25 in 2008, according to a World Bank database that cites figures from the United Nations. But that was still below the average of two per 100,000 people reported across the Asia-Pacific region in 2012, the closest year for which data was available.
Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/19/world/asia/vietnam-yen-bai-officials-shot-dead.html

YEN BAI, Vietnam: A forestry official has gunned down two local leaders before shooting himself, in an unprecedented killing at the provincial government office of Vietnam’s northern Yen Bai province, state media reports said on Thursday (Aug 18).

The head of the local Forest Protection Agency, Đỗ Cường Minh, allegedly shot Yen Bai province's Communist Party Secretary Pham Duy Cuong and Chairman of the People’s Council Ngo Ngoc Tuan in their offices before shooting himself in the head.
Both victims as well as the alleged gunman who were taken to hospital, 

Ngo Ngoc Tuan (Photo: tuoitrenews.vn)

died from their injuries, according to authorities. 
Vietnam’s prime minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc is in Yen Bai to direct investigations and has called on police and the military to maintain public order and stability in the province, according to state television VTV.
At a news conference convened after the incident, Yen Bai People’s Committee chairwoman Pham Thi Thanh Tra ruled out any connection between the killing and recent reports of illegal logging in the mountainous province.
“This incident is not related to illegal logging in Yen Bai. In illegal logging cases, district authorities are responsible, there is no mention of the forest protection agency, so that has nothing to do with Minh’s actions,” Ms Tra told reporters.  
According to local media outlets, Cuong and Tuan arrived at the headquarters of the Yen Bai Party Committee at around 7am local time. Minutes later, Minh was reported to have walked into Cuong's office and shot him multiple times.
He then proceeded to Tuan's office and gunned him down with multiple shots before shooting himself in the head.
The motive of the shooting is being investigated.
State television VTV said Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc had arrived in Yen Bai to direct investigations, calling the incident “extremely serious”. The police and military have been instructed to maintain public order and stability in Yen Bai, a mountainous province northwest of the capital Hanoi.
Yen Bai is a heavily forested province some 180 kilometres northwest of the capital Hanoi.
Political rivalries are not new in communist Vietnam, but this is the first high-profile political killing of its kind in the country.  

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