Yes, we all do.  But there are 3 things you can do right now to change that.  

1.  Hire us at to design your living room.  (Sales pitch! But we are good.)  And it costs less than the price of 1 chair. 

2.  Edit.....most of us have TOOOOOOO many little junky items, gifts, gazingapins whatever you want to call them.  The kids will break them, the pets will eat them and admit it...you don't even like half of those things.

3.  Figure out what YOU want....not what you are supposed to want or what the magazines tell you to want, but what you really want to see in your home.  Is it hot pink or winter white?  Is it warm and cozy or crisp and cool?  Whatever you and your family dig...we can make it happen.  

Here's a little inspiration to for your living room.....

Start your room, your style, TODAY.
Happy Home


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