Being an inspiration sources for many poets, artists, painters, musicians… Hanoi’s Old Quarter is not only a unique beauty of Hanoi, but also one of best highlight for tourist when they visit Hanoi Vietnam.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter have a fixed region as Hang Dau Street in the North; Phung Hung Street in the West; Hang Bong Street, Hang Gai Street, Cau Go Street and Hang Thung Street in the North; and Tran Quang Khai Street and Tran Nhat Duat Street in the East. Old Quarter has been appeared in the 11th century when King Ly Thai To leaved Ninh Binh Province to Hanoi as a new country’s capital, therefore the streets has a long history and became crowded & lively in 15th century.

So far, it is still the oldest continuously developed area of Vietnam, and the walking street and night market are also open here. Beside, having another name as Hanoi 36 Streets, Hanoi’s Old Quarter is including 36 Old Streets where each street took a commercial product: drums, silk, hat, rattan, etc because in the pass the seller scame together in the same area in capital for selling and sharing the resources. As an example, Pho Hang Giay (Shoes), Pho Hang Non (Hat), Pho Hang Muoi (Salt)…that the streets have a same name of the products sold there. In addition, at that time, the King issued a regulation that “each citizen’s houses could not be built higher than his “. As a result, the entire house is too narrow, small and great length that maybe only one person can pass.

In the Vietnam War period, Hanoi was destroyed so much, but the Old Quarter still retained a lot of the original features that attracts tourists. Today, many of the streets does not sell the products which they were named, some still do. Hanoi’s Old Quarter sometime give alittle untidy, little unclean, little chaotic images, but that is making a real Hanoi. The old time, the old colonial architecture … is still there. That makes ourHanoi’s Old Quarter charming in its own unique way.


Best time to visit Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam. Probably, Ha Noi is considered the most beautiful in Asia. Ha Noi will be the first destination for foreigners when coming to Vietnam. Representing tropical monsoon type of Northern of Vietnam, Ha Noi has a hot summer with high rainfall and dry cold winter. Thanks to transition months, Ha Noi still experiences distinct four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring in Hanoi lasts from February to April with humid and wet climate. The average temperature is from 15 oC to 20 oC. This season is suitable for the plants to grow and many kinds of flowers to blossom.
Summer in Hanoi Vietnam is very hot. It lasts from May to August. The average temperature is 32 oC, but sometimes, it is even up to 38 oC to 40 oC in July. There are heavy rain in Hoi Noi’ summer, so you should bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving home.

Winter of Ha Noi will start from December to the end of February. The average temperature is 18 oC. Sometimes, it may down to below 10 oC. So you should bring enough warm clothes when visit Ha Noi in winter. Therefore, your suitcase will be biger when you travel to Ha Noi in the winter.

You can visit Ha Noi at anytime of year, each has particular beauties. But in my oppinion, Ha Noi is the most beautiful and romantic in Autumn. This is the best time to visit Ha Noi. Autumn is quite short, from middle of September to the end of November with the average temperature is 25 oC. Autumn of Ha Noi is charming with warm sunlight, cool breeze. Some roads are covered with yellow leaves of the fall. The sun beams through leaf canopies. Red leaves of an almond tree. Young girls in Ao Dai is biking on the streets.When saying Ha Noi Autumn, I often think of the fragrant Hoa sua( milk flower). This flower is considered the symbol of Autumn in Ha Noi. There are hundred of songs and poems which telling about Hoa Sua flower and Autumn in Ha Noi.Walking along the streets and Hoan Kiem lake, you can enjoy breathing in the sweet flavor of Hoa Sua flower, look at people and tale some photos and then sit down and wait for watching the sunset. That is great!
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